Why join NTOI?

The NTOI has both student and full members and the full members can register as practising or non-practising.

The advantages of membership of the NTOI are varied and suit different practitioners in different ways.

The most important is that the NTOI is the largest organisation representing qualified Nutritional Therapists in Ireland (Almost 400 members). This gives the members access to a substantial peer group and an excellent support network throughout the country.

The NTOI membership is constantly increasing, bringing a wide variety of knowledge, skills, interests and people into the organisation. It provides invaluable professional support and opportunities as well as the knowledge that you are a member of a professional organisation which constantly reviews its services and maintains the highest standards.

The NTOI has much to offer all its members, be they students or fully qualified, practising or non-practising. The ongoing CPD programme and the numerous peer-driven events around the country mean there is an active and vibrant NTOI network nationwide.

The NTOI welcome applications for membership from any Nutritional Therapists or trainee therapists who have undertaken, or are undertaking their training at NTOI recognised colleges in Ireland, or equivalent in other countries. (Membership enquiries from colleges overseas should email [email protected] directly with their qualification details). The NTOI does not run its own courses but recognises diplomas from three accredited Irish colleges. The courses taken must be the full diploma, with supervised clinical training as a module. The NTOI does not recommend any one college above the others. The NTOI recognised colleges are:

  1. The Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health – http://www.iinh.net
  2. The Institute of Health Sciences – http://www.instituteofhealthsciences.com
  3. The College of Naturopathic Medicine – http://www.naturopathy.ie 


We look forward to further promoting the benefits of Nutritional Therapy through the work of our members to the public nationwide.

What NTOI members are saying about us

  • I love being part of NTOI. The group is very supportive which is really important when starting out. In most cases we are working alone alongside clients so its great to be able to interact with other Nutritional Therapists on the Facebook page, bounce ideas off other people, gain insight in to different areas or illnesses/problems which we may not have come across before. The group is full of inspiring and insightful people that are happy to share information and build a strong network to support Nutritional Therapists throughout Ireland.

    Lynda Carroll

  • Niamh Burke

  • Being a part of NTOI is very important to me because it is my governing body, a group to turn to for advice. The NTOI keeps me up to date with new developments in the nutrition world and provides excellent cpd training. Most of us work alone so it’s great to be able to communicate with other NTOI members for support through this group.

    Louise Courtney

  • Ciara Ryan